Hearthstone beginner guide – How to Master Arena

GamerWiz.Info – Welcome to Hearthstone beginner guide, today’s tip will be how to Master Hearthstone Arena, if you have been struggling in hearthstone arena you have come to the right place, in this guide I’ll do my best to give you the tools you need to succeed in arena so that you can become a better player and make the decisions for yourself, let’s get started.

Mindset before you start arena.

Now before you even start Hearthstone arena there is something you need to do, and that is “lower your expectations”, any run with 10 wins or more is always going to have a decent degree of good luck involved, and you won’t be always lucky.

Your target should never be 12 wins or 11 or even 10, but rather 7 wins, at 7 wins you can pay for your arena guaranteed and can continue to play, if you draft and play perfectly you can get 7 wins and probably 90% more in you arena runs, getting 12 wins is rare simply because you need some luck to make it happen.

All right now let’s really get into it, there are of course 2 parts in the arena, drafting and then the playing of course, both are equally important if you want to to hit that 7 wins mark.

Hearthstone Drafting.

hearthstone drafting class

Let’s get started with the drafting, the first step to drafting is of course picking a class, I highly recommend picking a class you have experience with with, you want to pick a class you know how to play it already not something that someone else told you to play, arena is not really the place to learn new classes unless you are willing to lose.

On top of that I recommend having at least 3 to 4 preferential classes that you are good on, that way you will be able to get one of them almost every time, I personally very much prefer the shaman, priest, paladin and mage in that order, so I always pick one of those classes when I can as I’m very good and very consistent at playing them in arena, you can be just fine with other classes of course  but those 4 are my personnel choice.

Hearthstone Board Control.

Hearthstone Board Control.

Now the way you want to draft in Arena is that you always need to think about board control, board control is absolutely key in arena as combos to rush you down are very difficult to pull off, so you want to build a deck that can control the board as well as possible , value health over damaging creatures, for example a minion of 4/5 is much better than a minion 5/4 as it being hard to kill it will help you maintain that board control.

Another thing that works well is buff cards, they are really good as they help maintain board advantage, you can buff a creature then use that creature you just buffed to kill an opponent creature while still having that creature that you played, playing a card like blessing of kings is great since it does give you health and that’s would keep your creature alive, it’s all about that board control.

Charges alse are pretty good in arena as they allows you to regain board control but I would avoid low health charge creatures, as divine shield is also good in arena except really versus a mage since it gives you a lot of plays for board control, and the speed of your deck is not as big of a deal in arena as it is constructed.

Also always try to draft the overpowered cards of your class, like for me drafting 3 “Holy Nova” was totally great but drafting the 4th “Holy Nova” was absolutely huge and helped me to reach my 12 wins, so don’t be afraid to draft a ton of copies of a really good card, and last you want to draft a solid mana curve where you have a bunch of 2 and 3 drops decent mana, 4 drops and then less and less as the mana cost increases, you don’t want to be in a situation where your mana starved.

One thing about arena tho is that much easier to survive until late game, so having a mana curve that picks on the 4th drop can actually just works fine and can even works for your benefit as long as those cards you taking are really good in the 1st place, just remember to draft for board control always and get the best cards you can.

Hearthstone Playing Portion.

Hearthstone Playing PortionAll right now let’s get to the playing portion, the 1st I noticed in the arena is that the 1st game can be deceptively hard, this is because you are going to play against other decks that are having their 1st game too and they haven’t proved anything yet, so those sometimes you get lucky and face a normal opponent.

Sometimes the 1st game can actually be very hard, so don’t feel bad about losing your 1st game, and then up to 5 wins it’s pretty easy, but after you reach 5 wins, every game is going to be at least some kind of a challenge, as you will be facing players who have at least some idea of what they are doing and they at least have an “OK” deck, so the difficulty spikes a little bit at the round 5 wins so be ready for that.

And for playing the hearthstone game in arena, in general you  will always to need to play for board control, conserve your resources when it’s possible but also try to maintain that board advantage, you may want take some damage to gain some pluses in the board control.

Often times taking 5 damages or so for +1 or +2 can definitely be worth it unless you below 15 hp, at 15 hp you can attempt to rush down your opponent when you think he doesn’t have heal or armor, and when you are at 15 hp that’s the time to be afraid from getting rushed down, overall make sure you always play with card advantage in your mind as board control is really the key in the arena and it’s going to win you almost all of your games.

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